Coccyx cushion: pain healer

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The word coccyx has taken from the last four fused vertebrae. This is also called tailbone because our monkey ancestors had tail on the spine. If you are suffering from such kind of pain then there is good solution to cure the pain. A specially designed cushion named as coccyx cushion. This is the special cushion that gives you the suitable sitting posture.

Benefits of coccyx cushion

. Cure pain: this cushion helps in curing pain. It is specially designed for the purpose of preventing lower ache. This heals all the pain gradually. There is no method to treat surgically a fractured tailbone. The only way is to let the bone healing itself gradually. This creates a major problem of sitting on lower back. This felt so much of pain while sitting on the chair or on bed. To prevent the bone from direct damage use the coccyx cushion. This cushion is designed for this healing spine ache purpose.

. Provide gentle support: This coccyx pillow support to your lower back while sitting. It is very comforting and prevent the coccyx bone from the direct weight exerts on the spine. These pillows adjust according to the body weight and work well in providing comfort.

. Portability: these cushions are portable. It is easy to carry anywhere. One may carry with himself wherever he is going and also uses in the buses or cars while sitting.

. Improve the sitting posture: this cushion gives you the special or good sitting structure and added some height when you sit. There should be a cut down section where your tailbone meet chair. All these cushions are designed accordingly to ones comfort.


In the end conclude that it is easy to carry anywhere like a bag. And this is the most comforting for the spine and the lower ache. This cushion work very well and heal all the gives you relief.

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