What to visit in Dublin – the top 4 things!

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Dublin, it is the capital of Ireland which is situated at the east coast at the mouth of River Liffey. In Dublin, there is a historic building also located, which is built in the 13th century. This building is known as Dublin castle. If you are done with the regular places to visit in the vacations, then Dublin will be a great option to choose for people. It is a very beautiful place to visit, and in the vacations, it helps in letting the person feel totally from their hectic schedule. There are best things to do Dublin which one visit in Dublin and here are the top 4 ones mentioned which are enough for influencing an individual to go to Dublin.

The top 4 things:-  

Guinness store house

In the Guinness store house, there are many things present in it related to history as well. There are lots of things present in the store which makes the traveler feel better and feel calm as well.

The Dublin Zoo

In the Dublin Zoo, there are many creatures present in the Zoo which people love to look across the world. Lots of people think that going to the zoo is good with kids. But the Dublin Zoo is worth to visit when you are not with kids.

National Gallery of Ireland

In the National Gallery of Ireland, there are a worthy collection of painting and other historic things. If you love historical things, then it is good to go to the gallery.

 Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is one of the largest parks in England which is having most of the city’s attraction in it. In this park, there is Dublin Zoo, the wellington Monument and the Magazine Fort is present.

Hope that now the person will choose the best things to do Dublin to have fun in vacations.

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