How to do an aircon service? Follow five major steps

Air conditioners play a vital role as it provides us a comfortable environment and keep us away from heat. It is essential to maintain the air conditioners as they provide us many benefits. Not only benefits but also maintaining and regular aircon servicing will prolong its life. If servicing done regularly, then it can save a lot of money by working efficiently. You can opt for aircon servicing singapore or get the service by yourself at home only.

Some steps to secure the performance of aircon and to maintain its quality which are as follows:-

  • Off power supply

You need to be safe while cleaning the air conditioner. It is suggested to turn off the power supply to avoid bad circumstances.

  • Cleaning of filters

The filter is the only part that needs to clean regularly for optimal performance. The filers get dirt and collect dust in it, and these can be cleaned by washing it with cold water and soap. This will remove all the dust stuck into it.

  • Cleaning of condenser

After filters, you need to clean the condenser from inside and outside. The leaves and debris need to be removed from it before cleaning the coil. There are sharp metals inside condenser. Therefore, you need to be aware and careful.

  • Air grill

You can clean air grill as it collects dirt inside the aircon. You can clean the air grill with a dry cloth or can use a vacuum cleaner.

  • Fix the parts

After doing the cleaning part, you need to fix all the parts appropriately, and this must be done with proper care.

You can follow these steps and get the service done at home, or you can also hire a company for getting the services done as they do the service professionally.

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