What to know about Macchiato?

Coffee is the one beverage which is loved by the people most, and Macchiato is one of a coffee item. It is the Italian coffee which can easily found in every café today. When it comes to figuring out What is a Macchiato and about its other details, there is nothing harder to do so. People can easily recognize about espresso and cappuccino but not about macchiato. It is the Italian espresso which is a brilliant beverage to intake. Here in the below mentioned paragraphs, we will explain what the macchiato actually is.

Variation of macchiato

There are two types of variations are available for the macchiato one is espresso macchiato and the second one is latte macchiato.

Espresso macchiato

The espresso macchiato is also known as the caffe macchiato in Italy which is the original form of this drink. In this coffee, the milk is added to stain the espresso. This drink is made with pulling a shot of espresso and in addition 2 tablespoons of steamed milk with some foam which is poured on the top. The espresso macchiato is served in the glass or ceramic demitasse cups. If someone loves to have strong coffee then preferring the espresso macchiato will be the right choice for them.

Latte macchiato

The latter macchiato is also a great coffee beverage to drink which is involved little more. In this, the steamed milk is involved which is stained by the shot of espresso. The latte macchiato is not as same as the latte ones; it is different from it. In case, if someone wants normal coffee not much strong and not much lighter, then the latte macchiato should come in preference first. 

Trust me; if you are the lover of coffee, then you will definitely like it.

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