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Are you looking for the guidance for setting a Spotify playlist as an alarm? Follow 7 steps

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On the off chance which claims an Android phone and you’re worn out on awakening to the standard morning timer tones, you can now effectively wake up to a playlist of your main tunes served up by Spotify plays. You’ll have to ensure that you have the most recent adaptations of Google Clock and Spotify introduced on your telephone. You ought to likewise be running Android 5.0 or above on your phone, however you needn’t bother with a premium Spotify record to utilize this element.

There are some steps which help you in setting the Spotify plays an alarm:

  • Open the clock app in your phone, and click on the alarm.
  • If you want to edit your alarm, then click on edit option, otherwise click on add option for creating a new alarm.
  • Click on the sound icon.
  • You will see two options one is alarm tone, and another is Spotify. Click on Spotify option.
  • If this is the first time for you, then you have to connect it with Spotify account.
  • Once your account is connected then you have to do is to select the playlist from your played songs.
  • Then click on done.

If you want to select any other song, then click three buttons next to the playlist and then click to open in Spotify plays. Once you have made a switch off to your alarm, then make sure that you have to keep playing the Spotify, if you want then tap on continue playing.

Thus, these are some steps which help make your alarm tone to Spotify plays. It feels good when you will wake up by hearing your favorite song. Try this once a time and you will love it.

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