3 Facts to know about Dominica

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Dominica is the mountainous Caribbean island nation which is officially known as the Commonwealth of Dominica. The island is the part of the Windward Islands which is situated in the Lesser Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean Sea. The Dominica Island faces the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Caribbean Sea to the west. The official language of the island is English. Dominica Island is having an area of 754 square kilometers. The island is really very much beautiful, and everyone has a wish to take Dominica citizenship. Here are some facts shown about the Dominica islands.


 The mountain peak

The Island Dominica is covered with lots of wooded mountains and rainforest as well. The terrain is very much rugged and steep in nature. The highest peak of the mountain in Dominica Island is 1447 meters, which are the Morne Diablotins. It is one of the second highest mountains in the Lesser Antilles.

 Coastal strip lies between the sea and mountains

The seas of the Dominica Island are crystalline, and the coast of there is rugged in their nature. The sand found on the island is not the type of the island sand. It is a very beautiful view where everyone love to visit that.

Boling Lake

In the Dominica Island, the Boiling Lake is also situated in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. It is the second largest spring in the world, which is about 60 to 75 meters across. The lake has bubbling grayish-blue water which uses to get enclosed by the cloud of vapour.

If anyone wants to visit any place in their holidays, then Dominica is the best place to visit. Other than this, many other things are also there to visit on the island. If anyone desires, then they can get the Dominica citizenship also and can settle down there as well.

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