Are You Planning To Tile Your Bathroom Yourself? Check Out This 5-Step Tutorial For DIY Tiling Beginners!

Has watching all those DIY videos where they easily renovate there surrounding has put influence on you as well then get the tools, continue reading to do the tiling in your bathroom yourself. The first step towards tiling is making the place waterproof, which is a tricky task. After that, you need to get the tiles you are going to use, and for that, check out the Bathroom tiles Singapore for a profitable deal.

Let’s get started with the tiling process-

Step 1:

Make sure you have chosen suitable tiles for your bathroom. It is necessary for them to have friction to prevent you from slipping. Also, look after the décor of the whole place for the design and print of the tile.

Step 2:

Measure your bathroom precisely to get the right size of the tile. Small tiles look more gracious than the large one; also, you can make contrasts as per your creativity.

Step 3:

Before applying the adhesive to the tiles and sticking them, permanently, lay out the entire set on the floor for once to check if it matches the pattern you have in your mind.

Step 4:

After ensuring the pattern, apply favorable prime on the waterproof floor before pasting the tiles.

Step 5:

Then apply a thin layer of the adhesive glue to the tile and start pasting them from a corner, leaving little space for silicon around each tile.

At last, keep in mind you go left to right and top to bottom, so you end up at the door, not in the middle of the bathroom. Clean the extra material side by side to escape the mess. After putting silicon in the spaces left, smooth the place with the help of grout and let it rest to fix it permanently. Happy tilingJ

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