Telicia Lander – Passionate girl regarding Women’s Tennis!!!

Nowadays, tennis is considered as one of the most popular sporting activity and multi-billion sectors. There are so many activities are out there where men and women’s are participating. Tennis is fairly one of the best activities that are available from the ages. Such a fantastic game was launched by a Lady in America. Tennis is the best game that is available in the Olympic in 1896.  By 1900, women have participated in the Tennis.

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Charlotte cooper is fairly the first women gold medalist for the tennis. Moreover, Telicia Lander is a fantastic girl who is passionate about Tennis. If you want to know more regarding Telicia Lander, then one should visit on the official website of her.   Women’s Tennis Association is widely popular due to well known superstars like as Serena Williams and Venus Williams as well. Here I have recapitulated vital details regarding Telicia Lander where you have a glance.

  • Popular sport

According to the professionals, Tennis was the first sport where women acceptable to play.  It is known as a reliable promotional sport that doesn’t require a considerable amount of budget. Women haven’t faced any issue while following the rules of tennis. There are so many famous women tennis players are out there. Are you familiar with Althea Gibson? She was one of the most popular players who had broken the color barrier in the game. Althea is the first American woman who win a Wimbledon. She is well known as the most versatile female athlete in the world. In order to know more regarding Althea, then you should pay close attention to the tennis blog of Telicia Lander.

  • Best players

Serena Williams and Sisters Venus both are great Tennis players. They achieve a status in the ladies’ tennis with ease. Serena is well known for the one-handed backhand strokes.

Moving further, if you want to know more regarding famous women tennis players, then you should check the Telicia tennis blog. These are some wonderful tennis players who have done something for their country. Younger William sisters have won almost 13 slams. Such a fantastic player has won a substantial fan following in a limited time.

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